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article about the titanic

Branson's Magnificent Museums

January 01, 2019

Start the year off on the right foot by engaging your brain with a tour of Branson’s collection of world-class museums. A fascination with deep-sea disasters has found its way into our lives and culture. One, in particular, has captured our attention for more than 100 years—the Titanic. At Branson’s Titanic museum, the world’s largest of its kind, you’ll not only walk through the exhibits of more than 400 artifacts, but you’ll experience the ship as the original passengers did. Your ticket is the boarding pass of an actual passenger or crew member, you’ll walk an exact replica of the famous Grand Staircase, reach your hands into 28-degree water, and try to keep your balance on a sloping deck. Only at the end will you discover if the person on your ticket survived. For a different taste of history head to the Dinosaur Museum where more than 50 life-sized dinosaurs await you. For something more modern, check out the more than 1 million toys at the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex.