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Branson's Best Neighborhood Brews

March 04, 2019

We’ve heard it said that the best way to experience a place is to pick a spot—a park bench, a grocery store, a bar—that you can frequent every day. It helps establish a routine, they say, the feel of being a local. In our opinion, the best place to do that, the place locals in every city on earth make part of their daily routine, is the neighborhood coffee shop. Branson is full of cafes to choose from, but for starters try Vintage Paris. Not only is their coffee small-batch roasted in-house (try the Velocipede espresso or Le Chat Noir house blend) but their mission is to maintain a community with extras like fine wines, craft beers, local art, and regular events. From there try Branson Bean, a roaster with a focus on single origin brews; Expresso Coffee, a drive-thru built in a shipping container; or Hollister Coffee Co. where you can pick up your morning perk and a protein shake or specialty toast.